Monday, September 28, 2015

Creston Experimentation

Black gesso everywhere and days later I've still got stained cuticles

Anyone who knows me well, knows I loath having dirty hands. This, I'm told, isn't normal for an artist (now there's an oxymoron for you). In Win's studio getting your hands dirty can't be helped and I have learned to roll with it because, well, the experimentation is just that much fun. This past visit to Creston (September 20th - 23rd) was so highly charged and what with Win's studio being adjacent to the master and guest bedrooms those of us sleeping on site didn't get very much owing to all that wild energy flying around the premises!

Meg watches Win demonstrating how she colours the embossed foiled pieces

Win graciously adhered silver foil (from a hair salon) onto masses of card stock and ran all theses pieces through her embossing toy so that Meg and I could black gesso then colour them.

My embossed pieces
Following Win's examples, I made a fun foam plate to print using her Gelli plate
My fun foam plate

Impressions made from the fun foam above were disappointingly faint, so I won't show you them. I need to go in with the stylus to press deeper into the lines, to get a print with strong contrast.

Bill (who has made original prints before) gave Gelli plate printing a try, but it didn't last long as the boys were just passing through on their way out the door to find their own kind of fun.

Meg, Win and John, Paul and Bill

Below Win observes as Meg creates a painted piece of "sun paper" using all sorts of wild and crazy colours, leaves, lots of paint and tons of water.


Once saturated, this paper needed overnight to have all that water evaporate ...

Somewhat of a garish dog's breakfast
But oh, the reverse side is an amazing sight to behold

Meg used other "sun papers" that she had created on these twin panels (in progress) ...

We did come up for air to spend some time outdoors. I had an urge to meander among the grapes, so we walked from the Dinn's to the Skimmerhorn vineyards ...

And oh the maple trees on the Dinn's front lawn are in their autumn splendor right now.

Thanks to Win and John, it was another magical stay in Creston. Good times with good friends in the beauty of one of BC's most charming valleys.


  1. It was such a wonderful visit, Alice, and I'm missing you all terribly. The studio looks very boring now in comparison! Such a lot of fun, and I always learn so much from you and Meg!

    1. I'm sure you have empty studio syndrome. I know I would! Msny thanks again Win!

  2. Wow wow wow!!!!!!
    Ok you guys have to give me a little advance warning the next time you are embossing your way to the top of black gesso bliss, or anywhere else from the base camp of Win's studio.
    So jelly...

    1. Thanks for commenting Juanita.
      Will try to give you the heads up, but often what we actually get up to doing are unplanned, random surprises!