Friday, August 1, 2014

Stencil Obsession

Bottom left are the assorted techniques I learned at the stencil workshop with some backgrounds using pictured stencils  

My stencil collecting began slowly, has grown over time and it reached a frenzy after an evening workshop at Creative Fix in Creston, B.C., on Wednesday evening last week. Prior to this class, I thought only of using them as a means to create texture, but for my backgrounds, they are best used with colour to create flat, but interesting patterns.

Win Dinn and her daughter, Rochelle at the Stencil Workshop

Brandy showed us 15 techniques for using stencils. We were introduced to new stencils, mediums, embossing pastes, Inka Gold and Ferro. Naturally, there was a flurry of shopping after the class! Plus, the next day, Win and I went back to Creative Fix for more goodies. We also stopped at Creston Card for art supplies and to the local dollar store where we found amazing stamps for next to nothing. As well, on Friday, we took a road trip to Nelson to see what Cowan's had on offer. There we purchased all the stencils Creative Fix was out of before enjoying a sumptuous lunch in the "Library" of the historic Hume Hotel and a walk about town.

In Win's studio, here she is applying one of our new acquisitions, Inka Gold, to a relief stencil piece

Getting started the morning after the workshop

At the end of Thursday, this is where we left off

So many starts and nothing finished, yet this doesn't bother us. It's a pleasure just working in Win's bright studio where it's always about the fun of experimenting!

And this is the colourful riot in Win's studio when we finished working on Saturday

Checking our chaos from outdoors!

Our traditional "At the end of the binge" photo!

Throughout this week, and next, I continue to paint flowers (and more) on these wild and crazy backgrounds. I'm pleased with my growing collection, which I'll post about later, but you know art is always best viewed in person, so, if you're able to, please come out to the ...

Willow Creek Art Sale
Heritage Seniors Social Centre
5009 - 2nd Avenue West
Claresholm, Alberta
Friday, August 8th, 5-9PM
Saturday, August 9th, noon - 5PM


  1. It will be fun deciding what to put on all those backgrounds. Be sure to post some for those of us that can't attend the art sale.

  2. That was a fabulous playtime, Alice, and the fun of using all those new products was just blissful. My studio will never be the same after this go-around!