Friday, March 28, 2014

Linderman Law Studio

From the last week of February through mid March the Linderman Law Art Studio got a healthy workout. Judy Dahl and I resurrected tandem paintings that had, for a couple of years, sat in the acrylic underpainting stage. 

February 24th, Judy and I get the first layer of oil down

In order to get back working in the oils while they were still wet, I insisted that we return to the studio the very next day ...

February 25th, Judy defines tree branches

This was when we had a visit from Rob Vogt, reporter, writer, and photographer for the Claresholm Local Press, who kindly saw to it that the following was in the newspaper's March 5th issue ...   

February 27th, young Tess was back for the Van Gogh Lesson. As a reference, we used a painting of mine (from a few years back) to begin a sunflower in acrylic. 

Tess, with her sunflower at the acrylic underpainting stage

It's awfully easy to go into overtime during these painting lessons ...

Helping Tess paint the sides of her canvas while her mom waits!

On March 14th, the paint was really flying around the studio as we covered the acrylic sunflower with a thick layer of luscious, oil paint!

Tess loved working in oil!

Tess was especially happy when it was time to carve out, using a rubber tipped tool, Van Gogh-like swirls, into the blue sky. 

On March 3rd, the Linderman boys took the winter watercolour painting lesson ...

Dan and Tom got right into splattering on the blizzard snow

Tom and Dan with their finished watercolours

March 10th was the day Judy Dahl brought her granddaughter, Jackie, to the studio. With my friend in town it was a given that we'd enjoy an afternoon of mixed media which Meg Nicks is so incredibly adept at it. Generous in sharing her knowledge and materials, you'll always learn something new when Meg is in the room!

Judy with Meg ... a master of mixed media with no fear when it comes to paint, colour and texture!

Judy, Jackie and yours truly. As is often the case, there were a lot of pieces started that afternoon!

Things have been a bit quiet in the studio these past couple of weeks, but it's about to rev up here in a few days!

Myself and anyone who enjoys time at the Linderman Law Studio have art patron Karen Linderman to thank for making it all possible! 



  1. How wonderful to see the Studio getting such a great workout. The results are terrific, too - good on all of your students!

  2. It is so nice to see some boys getting involved too. Lots of fun for all. The sunflower paintings are so bright and cheerful - good job

    1. Thanks, Val!
      Sunflowers are always a happy time! And, yes, the boys brought a different and welcome energy to the studio. Time their mother got them to come back!