Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bill's Altered Cigar Box

Bill's attraction to cigar boxes isn't new, but his thought to alter them is. Some ideas arrive with a big bang, while others come gradually. Such was his concept to alter a cigar box as a gift for Denise's recent birthday.

Bill's finished "Denise" cigar box lid

He utilized images of cigar box labels which appealed to him and then added personal touches.  As a master of Photoshop, Bill cleverly replaced the faces of the artist's renderings below with those of our daughter and her husband ... 

It's tedious work, masking out areas of existing images, adjusting suitable photos to fit and then seamlessly blending the edges of both.

Larry is on the inside, cover flap while their daughter, Avery, adorns the inside of lid

Those of you who have met Larry know just how well this character (a pirate as he calls it) suits him!

Avery who is five years old

Bill's gift to Denise was completely unexpected. The sheer joy and delight is easily seen in her facial expressions ...

The gifting was an enormous hit, everyone loved seeing themselves altered!

More joy and downright happy, gut laughter ...

Checking out The Pirate!

What a thrill is was to see Bill's efforts so well rewarded!


  1. Nice to see the compeleted work. Beautiful bill. Personal touches are always the best gifts :).