Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teacher Training

What did the mixed media queens do the day after an intense weekend workshop? Why they insisted on making more art of course! Here we are on Monday morning eager to learn more ...

Look at how intent Win and I are to watch Meg make what are called pours

Below Meg drizzles fluid acrylic paint 
diluted with Golden GAC 800 directly onto a canvas before tipping and tilting it to have the colours move and flow into one another. Airbrush colours (which are even thinner paints) can be and were also used. 

Gloss medium will create interesting lumpy textures as in the pour (below) that Meg made on a sheet of high density polyethylene. Much later it will be peeled away like a skin. These skins can take weeks to dry. 

I love the richness of this sensational pour!

This is a pour I made on canvas. I was going for intensity of colour, but it lacks the variety that white would have added

It was a most glorious, hot day, without any wind, enabling us to work outside. The down side of the fine weather was the acrylic paints dried so very quickly that we had to bail out of making use of Win's demonstration. She recently purchased a Gelli printing plate and is using it with her own hand-cut as well as commercially made stencils. Take a look at what Win has done with this new toy here. We moved the Gelli plate indoors but ...

Win shows us how to make mono prints on her Gelli plate.  

... the truth be told Win and I were running on empty and even after taking ourselves out for lunch we couldn't rally enough to finish anything. Only Meg - who knows how to pace herself - was able to continue making art.  And the next thing you know we were into the wine ...

Meg showed Bill how to use gold leaf and here he is giving it a whirl

What we did accomplish was to enjoy one an others company on a beautiful day. We learned yet more techniques which will surely incubate and distill in our brains and ultimately show up later in and/or on more  mixed media paintings!


  1. Even running on empty was fun with such wonderful friends. I'll be trying some more of those pours, AND the metallic leaf techniques!

  2. I want to play too! Why do you peel the paint off? What do you do with the skins after they are dry?

    1. You'd love it Juanita! And I'd love to play with you too!
      Apply the skin to other artworks perhaps cutting out only parts of it? I think that's what Meg has in mind for hers.

  3. I've gone back to this post a couple of times, and it's due to the feeling of connection that I feel here with all other artists - it is true that those who teach, learn, and that is generally due to being engaged with other artists in our lives. I am MOST grateful to have such wonderful relationships with my artist friends; they enable me to learn, and learn, and learn.

    1. Yes. Wonderfully true, Win.
      Thanks for coming back to this post again and again!