Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mixed Media Rocks Claresholm

On May 4th and 5th, 2013, Win Dinn was back in Claresholm giving her Mixed Media II workshop. You know the community is embracing mixed media madness when enrollment was up 50% over her workshop last spring, that all 15 spots were filled before the end of February and the couple of cancellations were filled immediately!

Win demonstrating a texture technique using drywall compound with an assortment of household objects as stencils

We are very fortunate to have the use of the expansive, brightly-lit Senior's Drop-In Centre. All weekend long the room was vibrating with busy participants wielding paint, embellishments and assorted tools. Win's infectious energy sustained us through all of the 20 techniques she presented!

Using mulberry paper, laid out on butcher paper, we made painted papers ...

With alcohol inks we coloured textured white wallpaper and using acrylic paints we tinted and scrubbed over the dried drywall stenciled pieces (the two on the right) ...

Win invited me to do a cob webbing technique demonstration, on watercolour paper, which I learned in an Ursula Reynolds workshop last fall.

Below Sherry and Cathy show me theirs ...

At Sally's table, full of colourful "starts", she peels her music sheet "skin" off a piece of palette paper ...

Meg demonstrated how to apply gold leaf and other metallic leaves to our pieces ...

Art was made with the usual, the imaginable and the inconceivable! Items/products employed included bubble wrap, fabric, string or elastic band wrapped paint rollers, dishwasher rise aid and nail polish remover! There was scraping, splattering, smearing and finger painting .. a ton of fun! 

Still smiling, at the end of Sunday, here are the happily exhausted participants ... 

Back: Meg, Jean, Dorrit, Brydon, Linda, Dominique, Betty and Sherry
Middle:  Jeanne, Marikka and Glenda
Front: Kerry, Sally, Billie, Judy and Cathy
And, out in front, our illustrious leader takes a moment to lie down!
(missing are Saturday participants Kari and Susan)

I'm thrilled to announce that we have just confirmed Win's return to do her next mixed media workshop, here in Claresholm, on November 2nd and 3rd, 2013.  There will only be 12 spots this time and taking one day will not be an option. The registration forms will be ready early in June. Please contact me, Alice, to be put on the mailing list.


  1. What a great weekend that was - so much fun we get to do it again. Thanks to you, Alice, Kerry Hart, Judy Dahl and Shannon Clay for the fabulous word-of-mouth promotion. Imagine filling it months ahead of time! You all ROCK!

  2. Win, I am pleased and proud to say that my new community is backing you and me all the way. What an honour they bestow on us!