Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moulin Rouge

MOULIN ROUGE   mixed media, 12" x 9"

This fun piece was incubated back in June when, on our first visit to Win (and John) in Creston, B.C., she and I went into fits of laughter over finding a package of garters on the notions wall at Gleaners - the coolest of thrift stores. After that we joked about someday making a burlesque piece. On a subsequent visit, we even went back to Gleaners, looking for the garters, but they were gone! Who buys garters these days? Ah well, they were white and too big anyway. 

Having fun at Gleaners

Then, in July, while I was in New York City, I simply had to seek out this tiny, awesome, shop called The Ink Pad. There I found this sensational rubber stamp and I knew I'd have to buy it for Win. 

In September, when I brought it to Creston more laughter ensued. We came to affectionately call the stamp The Tarts. Clearly, both of us had a load of fun colouring it in as we set to making mixed media pieces with it as focal point. When I departed, mine was in the state below. Unhappy with that big black area, I toned it down and added what more I thought the painting needed.  

MOULIN ROUGE in progress

Win's may have been finished ... but then again, she could have played with it some more.  Let's ask her!


  1. They SO make me grin, and yes, but for adding some yarn on the sides so the curtain would follow through, and a signature, Golden Girls was complete! I LOVE Moulin Rouge, aka The Tarts.

  2. Wow! I love this! Do you have the name of the rubber stamp you used? I went to the shop, but they don't have the products listed in shopping cart form.

    1. Rachel, I bought it at the and gave it to my buddy, Win Dinn Either resource ought to be able to give you the name of the company that manufactures this particular stamp. Thanks for reading!