Thursday, November 29, 2012

All Over The Map

Recently, what and how I paint is a reflection of my life, which is scattered all over the place! The mixed media paintings of the past couple of posts have gone to Willowtree Designs.  Please visit my new dedicated mixed media page to see these and other pieces. This iris painting was part of my contribution to the display by Claresholm Art Club members at our local Kinette Christmas Sale.

FANCY DANCER   framed acrylic on MDF panel 10" x 8"  SOLD

Employing the synthetic webbing technique (learned last month) I created the shimmery, iridescent background which was perfect for painting Judy's wild cat on. Blue's features and build are that of an ordinary house cat but he has the exotic, Siamese colouring which is surely random genetics; the result of a farm cat breeding with a Siamese cat!   

BLUE   framed acrylic on MDF panel 8" x 10"   $250.   Available at Willowtree Designs in Claresholm  

In addition to being wildly stimulated by a couple of sets of sleepover guests, we're were away this past weekend and are about to host a Christmas party this coming weekend. Somehow, I will finish a special painting (for a special little someone) before we leave on a short vacation to somewhere new, warm and lovely ... it's in keeping with being all over the map! 


  1. Just lovely, as always...your skill in EVERY medium is amazing, and I am green with envy...

    1. Thank you Win.
      I am not finished with you you know ... it's time for me to give back ... you will be paint handling differently, soon!