Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mixed Media Workshop

When we were in Palm Springs I was mesmerized by this magazine image.  One day I mean to paint it and when I do the angel will have the hands and face of my Muse ... but in the meantime I am experimenting with it ...

STAR ANGEL, "For all we saw was splendor unsurpassed"
magazine transfer and mixed media   12" x 9"

This past weekend my good friend and mixed media artist, Win Dinn, came to town to give a workshop.  Two absolutely electric days.  Win's work sheets indicated that we'd be shown 21 methods and by golly she got to every one (and more) which is why all nine participants are still reeling and buzzing with excitement over what was taught and learned.  Freely giving of herself to all her students, regardless of their artistic level or ability, each one comes away feeling empowered to make art.  Please consider booking a workshop with Win and see her art here:

"Sandwiches" ... dried and crushed leaves between semi transparent papers 

Colour ruled.  Acrylics were painted, drizzled, rolled and scrubbed over various gel mediums and other "starts"  

Each of us were given an old law book to "alter" in our spare time.  What spare time?  Still, we managed to slop extra paint on paper and began sticking random things on the pages.

My law book cover  in progress

My law book interior

With mixed media anything goes and there is simply no limit to the possibilities.  I'm so ready to play like this.  To view the entire photo essay of the weekend click here. 


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Wasn't that a wonderful weekend? It was an exceptionally enthusiastic bunch of participants, all of whom were willing to step out of their box into the outer reaches of the universe!

    Not only that, but we had two mother/daughter pairs, which has never happened before in my workshops - it brought a pre-Mother's Day energy which was totally unexpected and blissful.

    I am so looking forward to coming back sometime - I miss you all already!

  2. You have touched each of the workshop participants in ways we can't even fathom. "Things" are going to continue to "show up" in our minds and hearts for a long time to come. It was a remarkable weekend on so many levels. And yes, a precursor to Mother's Day indeed to have two sets in a group of nine students! Thank you so much for coming.

  3. Really fun workshop Win. Thank you for coming to Claresholm and thank you Alice for all the work you two did in preparation for the two day event. I "NOW" know why I never "EVER" throw anything away.

    1. Judy, NOW you have a VALID REASON to never throw anything out!