Monday, May 21, 2012

Entering Uncharted Territory

On  May 13th, a week to the day after Win Dinn's Mixed Media Workshop, and following a delightful Mother's Day brunch, Denise and I spent the afternoon mucking about.

Avery joined us for a little while

That was when we simultaneously realized that this is not ever going to be an instant process!  As easy as it may appear to a novice (that's us) it's harder than you'd expect!  There is no such thing as alla prima here.  There will be no immediate gratification.  I started the following three pieces with Denise but finished them at home where I had all of my gear ... and will it ever be enough?

DEEP PURPLE   9" x 6"
snap dragons, feather, shimmery fibers, fragment sheet music, rubber stamp script 

The more I dabble the more aware I become of just how thought provoking this way of making art is.  I now know a piece can't be finished until I find just the right embellishments or oddments (or they find me).  Much time and brain power is used incubating what to do next; how to help a piece grow and reach it's maximum potential.  The constant searching and questing is like a dull ache or longing.  Rather perfect metaphors for the practice itself!

GOLDEN SONG   6" x 9"
palette transfer, stenciled dot ribbon, dried leaf, skeleton leaves, rubber stamped music and script 

And then there are all the gels and pastes to learn how to employ and enjoy.  I'd never heard of Clear Tar Gel before ... but oh what magical properties is has.

Some kind of textured gel background, shimmery fibers, crushed chilies,
tissue paper, fragment sheet music, dried leaf and marigold with painted stem

And waiting, just hanging around waiting for all the right stuff to be finished, is this ...

WARM WATERS   9" x 12"

I'm in deep folks, way over my head in fact.  But please, please don't try to save me!


  1. Oh, Alice - aren't you making the ephemera dance to your song? I see a great mixed media maniac in your future, and you are she.

    From crushed seashells and black sand, to floor sweepings and dried tea leaves, you'll be saving and using it all. And the world will change because of it.

    1. Did you have ANY idea what would happen to me? I'll just bet you did ;-)
      Wait until I can show THE GIFT!