Saturday, December 24, 2011

When This Artist Decorates ...

Christmas morning, the tree in the living room

Some may think that I am excessive and I'm not saying they are wrong but for me this passion for colour, design and decorating carries over and reaches far beyond my painting.  It is woven into my life.

The stockings were filled

You'll notice that the elders' stockings are rather small.  Stocking-stuffers were smaller in the olden days!  One stocking-stuffer didn't fit in my Santa sock (as Avery calls them) but I found it hiding here behind my gifted painting ...  

My beautiful Merry Amaryllis painting from Sharlene

Table set for the feasting

This holiday season I met a lovely, seemingly normal, woman who has nine decorated Christmas trees in her home!  She helped me feel less obsessive compulsive.  I readily admit that we both have an addiction, but there are addictions far worse than ours!  Right, Deanne?  :-)

The peacock tree 

I simply could not resist this wreath

And this is how it all looked before the mayhem.  Stay tuned to see the joyous mess we made!

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