Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Gingerbread House

One last post this year ... and one last post about Christmas 2011.

Our 2011 masterpiece

I only made one gingerbread house with our daughters when they were young.  Perhaps we're making up for lost time by making one a year for the past three Christmases.  In recent years, the first house was from a very ordinary pattern I pulled off the Internet.  Last year Denise designed an adorable, wonky, leaning house.

The foundation construction on Christmas Eve

This year she was considering a two story structure, perhaps an A-frame?  But that idea morphed into a grain elevator ...

The Boss (Denise) and the man in charge of the railway track (Larry)

We were very serious about accuracy; we even had a protractor out to assure the correct angle of the roof lines.  I hadn't made enough dough and we were unable to have the lean to shed, so we improvised.

Christmas Day; it was a family affair

I get to do the icicles

And in the end it we were all very proud of our masterpiece!

Demolition on Boxing Day!

The two previous years, the big boys have smashed it.  This year, the girls won out and chose to pick away at it gently as girls are wont to do!   

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