Monday, May 16, 2011

The Offspring

Art Central, downtown Calgary

As an artistic mother I wondered how my progeny would express their innate creativity.  Isn't is marvelous that I never doubted that they would have some?  Denise designs and sews ...
Laura designs and makes jewellery ...  And now my heart soars as they have rented a studio space together!

The Art Loop, lower level of Art Central

I was thrilled when they asked me to help them arrange and decorate their studio.  On May 2nd I arrived to find all their gear moved in and Denise sewing a curtain to suspend in front off and hide the unattractive back wall.

Curtain goes up

By the end of the day it was all well organized.  I love how, in the photo below, the girls are arranging displays of one an others creations!  Please go in and check them out ... Art Central is at Centre Street and 7th Avenue, and theirs is the first studio you come to when you enter the left side of the loop! 

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