Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Lure of the Iris

Golden Goddess   unframed oil   7"x5"   $100.   SOLD

Today the Claresholm Art Club held their last Paint-In before breaking for the summer months.  In spite of the rainy weather (it's been doing that for the past six days) Don and I were the only two members to turn up!  Still, we painted together for a couple of hours.  I finished the above painting which I'd begun two weeks ago at the library painting demonstration.

For years I've had a fascination with irises and their ultimate elegance.  Many of you will know that I have a special attraction to the fiery copper, reddish/orange, golden coloured varieties.

In Greek iris means rainbow ... which explains the extensive range of colours that the flowers can be found in.  Myth has it the flower is named after the goddess, Iris, who was considered to be the messenger of the gods travelling between heaven and earth ... on a rainbow.


  1. This is really lovely Alice!

  2. Oh, so very, very beautiful!!! Thanks, Alice for sharing! I love iris' too!

  3. This painting makes my mouth water!