Sunday, April 3, 2011

All Play, No Work

At the Esprit pool, March 29th

With so little time left here I have opted to leave off painting in favour of just enjoying what Palm Springs has to offer.  After the last painting I began stepping out with Bill in the mornings to play tennis with a group of seniors affectionately known as The Geezer Tennis Club.  It is important to note that Bill and I are junior geezers but there are some senior geezers, such as Fred, who is 86 and Bob, who is 79.  Remarkable, don't you think?

Geezer Tennis Club, March 28th

It has been very hot the past few days with highs of 30 - 38C and with the trek home commencing on the 5th I think I'll just keep on playing tennis and hanging out at the pool!  Let me leave you with this bright, cheerful image ...

California Poppies

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