Thursday, September 23, 2010

FCA Workshop - Part Two

September 15th, 2010 ... Day two of plein air painting and the group I am travelling with goes to Drumbeg Park, one of three provincial parks on Gabriola. It's at the south end of the island, offering excellent views of the Strait of Georgia and the Coast Mountains on the Mainland. The instructor for today is Deane Lemley.

Deanne's approach appears to be very loose and fresh but her every mark is deliberately placed. She's a delightful woman who knows exactly what she is doing and I enjoyed watching her work in oil.

Her students are attentive as she demonstrates. After which there were artists scattered all over the two points, on either side of the small bay.

I go in quest of an arbutus tree because I don't feel like painting the sea. In the woods I spy another artist planning to take on these two ancient ones. And, God love him, Tim pulls it off. They're almost alien looking with their thick trunks crazily twisted and bent low to the ground. Although I considered painting them I decide against it.

Finally, I snuggled under a bank and set up, precariously, on a pile of washed up driftwood, where I opted to paint this graceful bow ...

And this is what I come up with ...

The sun didn't come out and when it began to spit rain we packed up early and went home. We were kept busy day and night; it was this afternoon that I had my one and only opportunity to soak in The Haven's hot tub and then enjoy a leisurely happy hour with the other SFCAs, before dinner. On this particular evening David McEwon presented an amazing slide show of his trips to the Arctic and the Antarctic. More about him, tomorrow!

Bill and I made an extended holiday of this trip. If you'd like to see more photos, please click on these links:

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