Friday, September 24, 2010

FCA Workshop - Part Three

On September 16th our group was at Gray's Farm. We knew we were on a working farm when, randomly during the day, sheep would run and bleat their way through the maze of painters!

Instructor of the day was consummate water colourist, David McEwon. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to paint with David while on an artist's, multi-day painting expedition at Lake O'Hara. His passion for painting, and life, is as vital now as it was then. The enthusiasm of his communication and demonstration held everyone enthralled.

He chose to paint a portion of the one hundred year old, vacant farm house, the shed and the tree to the left ...

Now, if anybody could inspire me to return to painting in watercolour it would be him. Right behind where David sat there was this enormous stand of trees, so I set up in front of them and got out the watercolours.

Although I employed his methods, what I painted was sadly disappointing. So, I bailed and went running for my oils!

Normally a shed would not hold my interest but because of the rusty licence plates tacked to it and the vegetation growing up, over and all around it, this one did. Of the four paintings I completed during the workshop this was decidedly my strongest piece. I shouldn't have let it go!

That evening the Phoenix Auditorium was filled again and all were treated to a talk and a painting demonstration (thanks to the big screen) by guest artist, Robert Genn.

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