Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ginger Bread House 2015

Before we get too far into 2016 I want to share with you the construction of our gingerbread houses from this past Christmas. We spent a good chunk of three days building three houses.
The family hard at it
Early in December, little Avery expressed to me, privately and politely, her disappointment at being little involved in the creating of last years gingerbread house. That's when I knew her mother and I had to stop hogging the show as we are prone to doing on these creative binges. Avery displayed great focus and did an exceptional job of decorating her own house and doesn't she look happy doing so? 

Seven years old and her sense of placement is already finely tuned
Avery's house
Although the image below (found on the Internet) is was what I would have done if I'd been making a gingerbread house of my own. This house is reminiscent of ones I found at The Gingerbread Museum in Prague ...
More Gingerbread Museum images can be seen here although you'll see mostly cookies, not houses
Denise designs and makes the house patterns and I get to put the icicles on everyone's finished masterpiece

All done, and on the buffet in the glory line up for the annual photo session 
Avery's house
Denise's Gaudi House.  Check out the amazing architectural genius of Gaudi here
Although Denise and I thought he should have had demerit points for using non traditional props and embellishments, Larry's house won hands down for having the most effective overall finish!

Larry's Tree House


  1. As always, an entertaining photo essay of some wonderful family time. Didn't Avery do a stellar job?!!! Denise' Gaudi-inspired house is delightful, and Larry's Tree House is an architectural wonder regardless of extra props! Well done all.

    1. Many thanks, Win. I think we all have OCD, but hey, it's fun!

  2. I LOVE all the houses! They are so different and creative! Well done for adding to the shared memories!