Monday, November 16, 2015

Dark Side Embossing

For a long while now I've promised my card making friend, Debie, that I'd show her some mixed media techniques and yesterday was the day I finally came good. Debies's craft room is an enviable delight, a sun room really. It has plenty of space with lots of natural light. We didn't need artificial lighting when we started at 1pm, but when the sun went down we turned up all the lights. It was well after dark when we finished.

Below, we have just begun painting over foiled papers, which we adhered to cover stock, using spray glue. Win's invention is to use black gesso, but we thought why not experiment with white gesso too? 

Here I am giving my rebel student heck - she marches to her own drum, but she's a keen learner!

Both ladies are in the business of beauty. Lynda is a hair stylist and Debie does manicures so they have access to wholesale beauty supply places. Each of them brought hair foil papers to our day, and not just the usual silver ones.

God love them, they got right into it!

These gals didn't want paint under their finger nails, or the wildly colourful, potent alcohol inks staining their hands so, wisely, they wore rubber gloves. I must say that I came over to their side after the first go around with the black gesso!

Lynda about glue down some of the exotic coloured foils

Debie really got into the alcohol inks

So much so her hand was a blur wiping and dabbing 

My collection at the end of our day

Thanks to Debie for hosting supper in the midst of our mad, creative binge of over eight hours. To her and to Lynda for being such good sports. They displayed much bravery in crossing over to the dark side. It was most precious when Lynda asked "What will you teach us next?"  


  1. Oh didn't you ladies have some fun...and look at the richness of those wonderful embossed, alcohol-ink-covered pieces. Using coloured foils is awesome! I know they'll be turning up in a host of cards over the next while. Such a happy playtime! Foil envy - did I mention I have foil envy?

    1. Many thanks Win, were it not for you, I wouldn't know this stuff nor be able to pass it along!

  2. Very nice and it looks like you had fun!

  3. Looks like you had fun as always when you post about these get-togethers! Looking forward to having you here on the island Alice!

    1. You can bet we did, Marcella. Hope to be playing "these kinds of games" with you one day soon!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.