Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alberta Culture Days

Yours truly beneath the flower wall at "The Law Gallery"

This weekend, cities and towns around the province are hosting a plethora of events to celebrate Alberta Culture Days. Thanks to Julia Thompson and Barb Bell of Claresholm's Family and Community Support Services for their promotion, encouragement and facilitating artists to showcase their work at assorted local business establishments in town. 

For the occasion, Judy Dahl and I transformed the natural light drenched studio space at Karen Linderman's Law Offices into a mini gallery. Friday afternoon, September 26th we were pleased to receive visitors to The Alice and Judy Show.

Seated are Judy and Kerry Hart, standing is Karen Linderman


Close up of Judy's metal photo prints (the smaller images)

The response to Judy's rich, luminous photographs printed on metal were as glowing as the images themselves.

THEY ALL FALL DOWN, Claresholm grain elevators which are no longer standing. Judy's photo printed on metal

Loving that, through the open door, you can just see the text on the door beyond!

We thank everyone who came out to view our work and share our hospitality!

And to my readers, many thanks for not choking on four blog posts this week. I'll give it a rest for a while now. Tomorrow, Bill and I leave on another of our great adventures. This one promises to be a tremendous thrill! 


  1. Wow - what a fabulous job you did in the Law Gallery, you two! Love the paintings, the relaxed look of the place, and the wonderful mixture of styles (Judy, those ones printed on metal are gorgeous). And don't you look like a model in that first photo, Alice - what a stunner!

    1. Thanks Win!
      The space does look lovely doesn't it?
      Karen Linderman thinks so and is pleased that we are leaving the mini show intact for a while. She likes the idea of going in - and taking anyone who is interested in - to view and enjoy the art.