Friday, May 2, 2014

A Collaborative Effort

When one of our special people has a significant birthday, Bill and I like to mark the occasion with a photo bookIn an effort to preserve our marriage, it is usually one or the other who independently executes the project. This time, we worked together. Miraculously no blood was shed and we are still talking to one another!

While I love to craft paper cards and mess around with mixed media, Bill is a master in Photoshop. It was obvious who would do what. 

The accordion book layout, planning and construction was Bill's concept 

The cover was my job.  I sketched the Three Sisters, stamped the trees and arranged the embellishments

Over the years that we've known Susan and Jim (well over a decade) we have shared some amazing times with them, in the backcountry, in town and with our Canmore "Tribe".  

Pouring over 
hundreds of photographs, I selected fifty images. We had a difficult time editing these images down to only thirteen - the number of pages in the book. All fifty photos have been preserved on a CD and were a part of our gift. 

The gift package

Susan opens her gift - yes, I made the card

The Tribal Ladies in their finery and the infamous wake up at Ogg Lake en route to Assiniboine

Susan's actual 65th birthday was on April 11th, 2014. On April 20th, The Tribe assembled for a special dinner party and evening at Susan's and Jim's home.

Our Canmore Tribe, Tom and Brenda, Janice and Dale, yours truly and Bill, Susan and Jim

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