Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm Teaching!

A strange thing happened at the end of last year. I went into a vacated room in a downtown Claresholm building, felt wildly attracted to it and suddenly out of my mouth flew the words "I want it!"  My good friend, Karen (The Lawyer) owns the one storey building next to the post office. Once a doctor's office, the cute building has many small rooms. The room in question looks out onto 2nd Street. It has a great awing over the huge west facing window to diffuse the powerful light entering the room.  Parton of the Arts, Karen Linderman, didn't hesitate in making the space available to me. 
February 13th, Bill moved me in. Yesterday we fine tuned The Art Studio at Linderman Law and I taught my first painting lesson to a delightfully keen little artist, Tess, Lelek ...   

Tess with her watercolour.  I hope the splattered snow on her shirt comes out in the wash!
To promote a sense of accomplishment, it was important to do an exercise that could be completed in our one and a half hour session. I dug out a watercolour lesson which I had given, in an afternoon workshop, years ago.

Adding foreground rocks

Tess has taken a number of art classes and works independently at art, at home. With ease, she grasped the concepts of the steps in the exercise, often adding valid ideas on how to proceed. She is an absolute pleasure to teach.

 My painted example on the easel, my demo on the left and Tess happily working on her painting

The fun, messy part, splattering white gouache "snow" all over the watercolour!

 The snow is the finishing touch which effectively softens any harshness of the cold scene.

Momma arrived at the end of the lesson in time to help remove the masking tape from around Tess' painting

And this would be the happy instructor making ready the Art Studio at Linderman Law prior to the first lesson

For information on private or semi-private painting instruction please call me at home 403 625-3006. Cell 402 625-9480. Or you may email me at


  1. What a fabulous post, Alice - I'm so excited about The Art Studio at Lindeman Law! Karen is indeed a Patron of the Arts, and those students will have a fabulous place in which to learn and a passionate, incredibly skilled teacher - lucky them. ♥♥♥

    1. Many thanks, Win!
      This morning I lined up two more sessions!

  2. Wonderful that you can share your knowledge in such a great room. Good luck with this venture!

  3. How is it that I know nothing about this topic given that we just visited with you...did I miss the conversation or am I truly losing mind? Looking good sign me up for water color and hillbilly music lessons. And look at you standing, well done!

    1. Well Alex, I should have brought it up when you were here. There was rather too much talk about medical and health issues!
      Sure, you're on for both w/c and Hill Billy music!

  4. I am envious of your students Alice! Congratulations! What a treat to see your beautiful paintings and studio on Win's blog.

    1. Huge thanks, Laura. Win does love to sing my praises. I'm sure you are aware that she is a jewel!