Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Art and More in Creston

From June 9th to 12th, 2013 we enjoyed another spectacular time in "Winderland". This time our hosts, John and Win Dinn, also welcomed Meg and Paul (of Canmore) into the mix and the madness! 

John, Bill, Paul, Meg, yours truly and Win (with Opal the cat back there) having happy hour on the Dinn's amazing deck

With the boys very capable of amusing themselves, we gals spent some highly charged and very productive time in Win's glorious studio. I think we all had the most fun printing with fresh leaves (plucked from the assorted plants abundant in the garden) which Win demonstrated using her gelli plate ...

Win laying a leaf-printed page down on the gelli plate rolled with a thin layer of paint

Win achieved soft results using Tri Art's "Sludge" which is recycled (bottled left over) acrylic paint

Prior to inking and printing, here Meg is flattening leaves with a brayer, 

I've inked this branch of leaves and I'm using it as you would a rubber stamp to create impressions

With this result ...  

UNLOCK GROWTH II   10" x 8" on a cradled wooden panel

One of Meg's pieces in progress

Although you can't tell from the above photo, Meg's painting has a coating of Liquitex's Pouring Medium over it. It's very glossy and gives the appearance of a thick coat of resin. With it's application the heavy textures and the gears have become embedded in a flush surface.

We certainly made a big mess of Win's studio!

That every artist approaches their work differently is expected. There is much to be learned by simply watching another painter at work. It promotes the desire to make art in other ways, plus there is the opportunity to share products and toys. It's exhilarating to be shown ways you can use materials you've never even heard of! 

At the end of two days we three had covered almost every blank panel we had!

Painting is so very often a solitary act. Working together is a rich experience, one which I feel must be akin to how it likely is for musicians who play in a group. Imagine how intoxicating the energy must be for them? Even before bringing out the wine!

Beyond the studio we enjoyed walks, tasting wine at nearby Skimmerhorn and a grand lunch at The Real Food Cafe

You can see the entire photo essay of the visit here. To view my finished pieces check my Mixed Media page.


  1. This is such a terrific post about what was truly a wonderful time. I'm always delighted to play with other artists, and sharing such a wealth of experience as yours and Megs is a huge gift. Thanks for coming to play!

    1. Thanks Win!
      And huge thanks for always opening wide your home and your studio to me. In showing me how you work and sharing your vast knowledge of mixed media you have opened a door that has dramatically (I hope) changed how I work ... THANK YOU!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm thinking you'd love this play, Murray. And you've have a lot of different ideas to bring to the tables!