Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creating in Creston

A couple of weeks ago (on my 3rd visit to Creston in as many months) I'd hoped to paint and finish my annual birthday gift for our granddaughter's 4th birthday. A hummingbird because that's what Bill calls her. He is so right in his choice of nicknames; she is rarely still! Now that she's had her birthday party (October 14th) I can post about her present. Her actual birthday is today. 

HUMMINGBIRD FOR AVERY   mixed media on cradled panel, 12" x 9"   -    in progress and finished

This time Win taught me the technique of wet paint and plastic wrap. So enamoured with it, it showed up in the backgrounds of almost everything I did! Including the hummingbird. The green at the bottom of the unfinished piece was applied using fresh leaves as stamps. Under the applied dried flowers I also used commercial stamps and there is micro, transparent glitter (which the camera can't pick up) on and coming away from the wings as well as in a curved swoop beneath the tail feathers.

Win demonstrating the wet paint and plastic wrap technique

Our husbands (enablers) have been collecting old watches and taking them apart for us so that we can play with the bits ... I mean incorporate them into our mixed media pieces ...

Win's time piece

My time piece on a 12" x 16" cradled panel

We are both seeking a satisfactory way to affix beautiful, coiled watch springs to our work. Mine will go to the top left, slightly overlapping the sheet music.

We're happy with our combined, mostly unfinished, efforts at the end of 3 days

On these visits, we are learning balance. That is to say we are not spending all of our time in the studio! While Bill went off to Nelson one day, Win and I took a long break. We walked around the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, visited the Creston Museum grounds (it was closed) and Win took me on a drive in the countryside. With Bill, we visited the Columbia Brewery, home of Kokanee beer. John was away, so he wasn't able to join in on any of this and it was especially unfortunate that he missed out on our decadent lunch ...

Lunch on the exquisite patio at the Skimmerhorn Winery

Many thanks to Dinns for always welcoming us and especially to Win for continuing to give generously of her knowledge as I make my way in the Magical World of Mixed Media!

For the complete photo essay of this Creston visit please click here.


  1. As always, it has been pure pleasure hosting you and Bill, and John was sorry to have missed it all (although most delighted that you kept me entertained and well occupied while he was away). We both look forward to another visit, whether here or in Claresholm!

    1. I'm pleased to know that John understands my NEED to come there, even when he isn't home!
      I do hope that you'll come to Claresholm!!! One can't garden in November or December! And should you choose to visit in the 12th month ... there will likely be a peacock tree up, not to mention all other festivities of the season!
      We're hosting the Art Club Christmas Party on December 8th and you'd be most honoured guests!!!

  2. I am so glad you shared this blog on Win's group page so I could get on your mailing list. I enjoy seeing what you two get up to and I am sure I will enjoy your blog too.

    1. Now, I too am glad that I shared this post on Win's student page ... Val!
      Thanks for looking in and commenting.
      Donna Jo Massie and I were neighbours (three doors apart) when Bill and I lived in Canmore!