Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back in Winderland

I was thrilled when Win offered to teach me how to make painted papers.  Oh look it involves finger painting!

July 12th to 16th; Bill and I were delighted to be welcomed back at Win and John's home in Creston, B.C. John's passion for gardening meant gorging ourselves on fresh raspberries, strawberries, peas and tomatoes. 

And naturally, there were many hours spent in Winderland, although this visit Win and I were more moderate over the time we spent in her studio. This enabled us to take in some of the local offerings, including visiting the above winery and Creston's Saturday Market. We also drove north along the east side of Kootenay Lake to Crawford Bay where we had a fabulous lunch and toured the amazing and assorted artisan's studios there.

Our combined efforts after three, part-days in Winderland

There is excessive laughter while we work side by side (or when we're just gadding about).  I wish everyone could know the joy this brings. It spills out in the colourful work we produce ... 

Win's LOVE LETTER TO GAIA (her real title)

FLY AWAY   8" x 6"   (mine)
Multiple palette paper transfers, rubber stamp and feather on Stonehenge paper

WINE SONG   6" x 6"   (mine)   Palette paper transfer, rubber stamps, hand painting, Japanese Maple "keys"



In her pieces, Win will need to explain what techniques and materials she used and their real titles! 

WE'LL SING IN THE SUNSHINE   12" x 9"   fiber paper, metallic leafing, rubber stamps
and dried flowers 

I suggested we interpret the same subject. Without any discussion this happened quite randomly; guess who did what!

We experimented with distressing photographs and playing with copper!  Ah, copper ... since we are in the very early stages of learning how best to employ it, I'll save talk of that for another day!

To see the complete photo essay of our Creston visit please click here.


  1. And we only used two, or three or four, or five of the same photos in our posts! Bobbsy Twins, indeed! As always, pure pleasure.

    1. Thanks again for sharing your studio; it's grand to work/play in it ... with you!