Sunday, July 10, 2011

Art for TV and Flat Screens

Neumann Gallery and Studio, Okotoks, Alberta  

Friend and fellow painter, Erica Neumann, has a wonderful gallery and studio at 101 Elma Street, Okotoks, Alberta.  If you can't get there in person, please browse her dynamic, innovative paintings on her website: 

On the leading edge of technology Erica has also created a website "Art for Flat Screens".  She has kindly included my badlands paintings on it.  

Inside the gallery.  Left is the "Flat Screen Flash Art Show"

As explained by Erica ...

The site is virtual art, set to music - when the art shows are clicked on and played full screen, they turn your flat screen into a painting that changes every 30 seconds.  Soon (in a couple of years?) everyone will have their TV integrated with the computer, and have screens all over the house that would need art - so they're not black when not being used.  Our mission statement is "to provide easily accessible art for people, and to provide a new source of revenue for artists." I wanted to be the first online gallery for this, except it's so new no one knows what it is ... soon though! 

Please check it out and I invite you to pass this link along:

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