Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting in the Living Room

... or as Avery would say; the Linen Room.

After all, painting is portable

As much as I like The Anne Frank Room I have no desire to be in the dungeon on a spring or summer day.  I might not have painted indoors at all yesterday except that it was overcast and gloomy (until much later).  So, I set up in the living room and happily worked with only natural light on my subject and to see with.  It made for a lovely afternoon.

Last fall I painted several 6x6s of crab apples which I had clipped from the trees down the street.  Right now these trees are an amazing spectacle, glorious in full bloom.  Every time I pass them I swear the blossoms all whisper "pick me, paint me!"  I could resist no longer.  Look at how completely relaxed the little bough is reclining next to my thrift store pitcher.  I'm sure the flowers were as happy with their stem in a water-filled florist vial as I was when the glass of wine was delivered.    

Crab Apple Pink   unframed oil   6x6   $100. 

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