Friday, November 19, 2010

A Crafty Bunch

In spite of our first wretched storm transforming an amazing autumn to winter overnight and turning highways into high risk zones, on November 16th, we travelled to Calgary while Laura drove in from Canmore. All so that we could craft together. There was some delay in getting started with the need to get more materials but we managed to accomplish rather a lot in two days.

Bill fired up his retro "Rocket" Singer sewing machine and tried it out on leather while the girls and I cut, ironed and sewed.

Laura is adding to her collection of ornaments for the Libyan Bazaar and Denise has added, to her repitroire, hair bands and wrist bands with tiny zippered pockets, for cash and credit card, so that a girl doesn't have to carry a purse when she steps out. I just like helping out with any of it!

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