Sunday, August 22, 2010

With a Little Help From my Friends

Meg and Spriggy at Racehorse Creek

It's been over two months since I made art and I realize that I am missing it. When we discussed her visit, Meg and I made a plan to get outdoors to sketch. August 16th we drove straight west of home, through the Livingstone Gap to behind the Livingstone Range. We drew first at Dutch Creek and then at Racehorse Creek both of which flow into The Oldman River.

Dutch Creek coloured pencil drawing 9" x 12"

Racehorse Creek coloured pencil drawing 9" x 12"

Although there were people camped in the area we saw no one else at either creek. The value of spending a quiet day in such peaceful beauty is immeasurable and the memory of it will sustain us in our studios. And all the while that Meg and I sketched, Bill fished. It really doesn't get much better! I see a potential painting in this photograph ...

Bill upstream from us at Racehorse Creek

Please contact me at to purchase either of my plein air drawings. They are available, unframed, at $100. each.

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