Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rocky Mountain Wedding

Photo of Emerald Lake and Lodge from the Lodge's website

Our family is gearing up for Laura's and Adam's wedding which will take place on the shore of Emerald Lake (Yoho National Park, B.C.) August 5th. The Bride and Groom have opted for an intimate, private affair with just their parents and siblings attending; fourteen adult guests, plus little Avery.

Many family members will spend the night before as well as the night of the wedding at this first class mountain lodge ...

Miss Avery has her dress; her Grandma and Aunt brought it home from Montreal. As Mother-of-the-Bride I am eager to see the necklace and earrings that Laura has created to match the outfit she herself selected for me the day before we returned from Quebec!

Meanwhile, parents-of-the-bride are in training for the Wedding Tennis Tournament which will be held in Canmore as part of the blow-out celebration at the newly weds home, August 7th!

Let the good times roll!

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