Saturday, June 12, 2010

R-Pod in Radium

The weather was pleasant on June 8th when we took the R-Pod out on it's third excursion to Radium Valley Vacation Resort. Together, we hadn't been to the Columbia Valley since the 1980s and were pleased when David and Jenny asked us to join them. It rained the two full days we spent there but given the facilities at the resort and the opportunity to play with the Hunts, I feel we made the very best of the situation. For the complete photo essay click here:

It provided us with the opportunity to visit galleries in Invermere and for me to finally view (with respect and awe) Rich Roenish's 1.5 times life size bronze sculpture of David Thompson and his wife Charlotte Small Thompson.

The story of this man, whose significant navigational work across Canada and the north western US is so sadly unsung. Mapping considerably more territory than Alexander Mackenzie or Lewis and Clark; he was the first white person to travel the nearly 2,000 twisting kilometres of the Columbia River, from its source near here, all the way to Oregon where it flows into the Pacific Ocean.

The North American David Thompson Bicentennials (2007 to 2011) recognize the anniversaries of some the great explorer's achievements. Please see:

There apparently is no known image of David Thompson. Bob Sandford (interpreter of natural & human history) commissioned me to create a portrait. Based entirely on written descriptions only, here is my my interpretation:

Painting David Thompson, September, 2005.

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